Daily Archive: January 22, 2019

Young women voters - 1952

Are Women Changing Our Party Alignments? – 1953 – Women In Politics – Past Daily Reference Room

Are Women Changing Our Party Alignments? – American Forum Of The Air – January 18, 1953 -Gordon Skene Sound Collection – In 1952, when General Eisenhower swept into the White House, becoming the first Republican President since Herbert Hoover, it caused for a considerable amount of speculation and soul-searching on...

Al Gore - 2000 Iowa Caucuses

January 22, 2000 – A Caucus Grows In Iowa – A South Carolina Stars And Bars Controversy – A Missle Defense Test Goes Bust

January 22, 2000 – CBS Weekend Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – January 22, 2000 – Iowa was a hotbed of politicking this week, as Presidential hopefuls from both parties criss-crossed the state, stumping, talking, promising and cajoling voters who would hold caucuses in hundreds of living rooms, Fire...

Lily Higham of L-Space

L-Space In Session – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth: New Faces Edition

L-Space in session for Nicola Meighan Program – BBC Scotland – January 21, 2019 – BBC Radio Scotland – L-Space in session to begin the week. New faces (relatively) on the horizon. L-Space are a Scottish Electronic Dream Pop band from Glasgow who are in the midst of promoting their...