Daily Archive: February 1, 2019

Pet Shimmers

Pet Shimmers – Persona Party – 2019 – Past Daily Night At The Round Table: New Faces Edition

Pet Shimmers – Persona Party – Bandcamp Track – released February 1, 2019 (support the band and buy the track!) Pet Shimmers – new faces on the horizon for a Friday night. This one comes via my old pal and colleague Mig Schillace. And like everything Mig gets involved with,...

Frigid Fairbanks - 50 below

February 1, 1989 – Frigid February – Troop Withdrawal Proposal – Quayle Takes A Trip

February 1, 1989 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – February 1, 1989 – Nothing like a frigid blast of Arctic cold to put February in perspective. In this case, it turned the normally cold Fairbanks Alaska into a solid frozen wasteland, with temperatures plunging 50...