Daily Archive: March 4, 2019

The Clientele - in session - Marc Riley 2015

The Clientele – In Session – 2015 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Clientele – In session for Marc Riley – September 8, 2015 – BBC 6 Music – The Clientele to start the week off. A London-based indie pop band, currently composed of lead singer/guitarist Alasdair MacLean, drummer Mark Keen and bassist James Hornsey. The band has experienced more success in...

Dr. Daniel Ellsterg - The Pentagon Papers

The Pentagon Papers And The Public’s Right To Know – 1971 – Past Daily Reference Room

The Pentagon Papers And The Public’s Right To Know – NBC Radio Special – June 30, 1971 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The Pentagon Papers – one of the biggest scandals of the 1970s. A scandal which many think had some hand in ending the Vietnam War, certainly changing...

Jimmy Carter - Menachem Begin

March 4, 1979 – Begin: “A Deep Crisis” – Beijing: “We Do Not Want To Occupy Vietnamese Territory” – Washington: “The Public Will Pay And Pay And Pay”

March 4, 1979 – CBS Radio: The World This Week- Gordon Skene Sound Collection – March 4, 1979 – A week beginning on a series of ominous notes. The seemingly never-ending optimism/pessimism of the peace talk between Egypt and Israel took another down turn. Menachem Begin announced that a “state...