Daily Archive: April 10, 2019


Sir Michael Tippett And The Boston Symphony In Music Of Sir Michael Tippett – 1978 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Sir Michael Tippett conducts The Boston Symphony – August 5, 1978 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – A historic concert this week. Sir Michael Tippett, considered one of the leading British Composers of the 20th century, leading the Boston Symphony in a performance of his A Child In Our Time....


April 10, 1994 – A Rwanda Kind Of Hell – President Clinton And The Case For Improved Healthcare – AIDS in France.

April 10, 1994 – ABC World News This Week – ABC Hourly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 10, 1994 – A week of sharp contrasts. In Rwanda, news reports of mass killings between ethnic groups; the Hutus and Tutsis – and the scenes of unconscionable atrocities raging...