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The Endurance Test called High School

It’s 1976 – You Live In L.A. – You’re A Teenager – You Are Weathering The Endurance Test Called High School –

KIIS – April 30, 1976 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – 1976. Aside from being the year of the bi-centennial, 1976 also marked your Junior year in high school. Like most of your friends, in fact just about everyone you know, High school is one long endurance test. It’s endless,...

Kenneth Starr

The Starr Report: “We Left In The Salacious Parts Because The Public Has A Right To Know” – Past Daily Reference Room

The Starr Report – Commentary and review – November 19, 1998 – National Public Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – The Starr Report – in case you missed it the first time around, a cliff-notes version via Wikipedia: Originally dealing with the failed land deal years earlier known as...