Daily Archive: May 13, 2019


Doris Day: Words And Music – 1946 – Barry Gray’s Nightclub – Past Daily Pop Chronicles: Tribute Edition

Barry Gray’s Nightclub – Featuring Doris Day (and others) – WOR, New York – February 5, 1946 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – With the sad news today of the passing of Doris Day, one of America’s legends and treasures, it would be difficult if not impossible to add anything...


A Chat With Citizen Ky – Nguyen Cao Ky Of South Vietnam – 1975 – Past Daily Reference Room

Nguyen Cao Ky – ABC Issues and Answers – May 11, 1975 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Nguyen Cao Ky; former Air Marshall of the South Vietnamese air force, former Premier, former vice-President – and in 1975, celebrated refugee living in a Refugee center at Camp Pendleton after the...