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UN Conference on The Environment - Stockholm 1972

State Of The Earth – 1972 – United Nations Conference On The Human Environment – Past Daily Reference Rooom

Only One Earth – Episode 7 – The Role Of The Scientist And Social Responsibility – June 1972 – Radio Canada International – The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (also known as the Stockholm Conference) was an international conference convened under United Nations auspices held in Stockholm, Sweden...

Stem Cell

July 11, 2001 – Controversy Over Stem Cell Research – Buying Prescription Drugs Overseas – Olympic Nail-Biting In China

July 11,2001 – Busy day on Capitol Hill, starting with new controversies over Stem Cell research. The issue of Stem Cell embryonic research grew more complicated with an announcement from Doctors at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Instead of harvesting Stem Cells from embryos left over after fertility treatments, they’ve created...