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Rod Stewart And Faces -Live at The Forum 1975

Rod Stewart And Faces – Live At The Forum – 1975 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Rod Stewart and Faces – Live At The Fabulous Forum, Los Angeles – March 5, 1975 – Band soundboard – Rod Stewart and Faces this weekend, recorded in concert at The Forum in Inglewood (Los Angeles) on March 5, 1975, Not sure if this one was broadcast, or if it...

Angst In The 80s

It’s December 4, 1980 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Led Zeppelin Just Broke Up – Your World Fell Down – At Least There’s The Mighty MET.

KMET – Jack Snyder, Paraquat Kelley, Mary Turner – December 4, 1980 – Rob Frankel Collection – It’s almost the end of 1980, December 4th – first year of a new decade. You’ve been quietly mourning the 70s all year; those were your good old days, that’s when everything happened...