Daily Archive: July 22, 2019

Art Neville (1937-2019) 0

The Neville Brothers With Dr. John – Live In Japan – 1987 (RIP: Art Neville) – Past Daily Soundbooth: Tribute Edition

The Neville Brothers With Dr. John – Live in Japan – July 1987 – (RIP: Art Neville) – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Art Neville (1937-2019) – in a year already hit with the tremendous loss of New Orleans cornerstones Dr. John, Dave Bartholomew and now Art Neville, this is...


Getting Sick In America – Healthcare In 1968 – Past Daily Reference Room

NBC Radio – Second Sunday – August 11, 1968 Become a Patron! Since the subject of Healthcare has been front-and-center in the media and most conversation the past few decades, it’s sobering to know it’s not a new argument. In fact, the subject of affordable healthcare has been argued since...

U.S. Marines In Beirut -July 1983 0

July 22, 1983 – The Odyssey Of Beirut – Martial Law Ends In Poland – A Heat Wave Grips The East.

Become a Patron! July 22, 1983 – News from Beirut and the ongoing presence of U.S. Marines in Lebanon. Earlier in the day Beirut International Airport (BIA), the headquarters of the U.S. 24th Marine Amphibious Unit (24th MAU), was shelled with Druze mortar and artillery fire, wounding three U.S. Marines...