Daily Archive: July 29, 2019

The Hough Riots - July 1966

July 29, 1966 – Three Faces Of Violence – The Fire This Time – Cities On The Verge – Past Daily Reference Room

July 29, 1966 – July was a bad month for America. In reality, it would be the start of what became known as The Long Hot Summer, as the pattern of violence would be repeated over and over in cities throughout the country. In this year, the problems were triple-fold....

Chernobyl Trial - July 1987

July 28, 1987 – Trial At Chernobyl – Meese At Iran-Contra – Mines In The Persian Gulf.

  Become a Patron! July 28, 1987 – The nuclear power plant disaster at Chernobyl was still in the news. This time the trial, where half a dozen Soviet nuclear officials were on trial, and prepared to pay heavily for the 1986 disaster which was blamed for 31 deaths and...