Daily Archive: August 7, 2019

Guillermo Pastrana - in concert 2010

Guillermo Pastrana With Javier Riba, Manuel Hernandez-Silva And Orquesta de Córdoba In Concert – 2010 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Orquesta de Córdoba – Manuel Hernandez-Silva, Cond. Guillermo Pastrana, cello – Javier Riba, Guitar – February 28,2010 – RNE, Madrid – Become a Patron! Over to Spain this week for a concert by Orquesta de Cordoba, conducted by Manuel Hernandez-Silva and featuring Guillermo Pastrana, cello and Javier Riba, guitar, and...

Croatia-Bosnia - August 1995

August 7, 1995 – Croatia Surrender Offer Falls Through – New Oklahoma City Bombing Theory – Whitewater Probe Starts.

August 7, 1995 – News from Croatia was not hopeful this day. A much hoped-for surrender offer was turned down at the last minute and it was business as usual in the war-torn region. Croatian soldiers celebrating a victory over Serb rebels may have jumped the gun. The rebels refused...