Daily Archive: August 9, 2019

Tinariwen - in Concert from Les Inrocks (Photo: Tracy Graham)

Tinariwen – Live At Les Inrocks 2016 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Tinariwen – in concert at Les Inrocks 2016 – Recorded November 21, 2016 – RFI – Paris – Tinariwen, one of the most unique and spellbinding bands on the current scene. Recorded live at Les Inrocks 2016 in Paris and broadcast by Radio France International. Tinariwen, pronounced tinariwen “deserts”, plural...

Pres. Ford - vice-President Rockefeller

August 9, 1975 – A Year Before – A Year After – The Gerald Ford Era.

August 9, 1975 – one year into the Presidency of Gerald Ford and the vice-Presidency of Nelson Rockefeller. Memories were still pretty raw over the events from just a year before; the resignation of Richard Nixon and the swearing in of Gerald Ford, the first President not elected to office...