Daily Archive: August 15, 2019

Mat Bastard - Photo by Alex Pradervand - 2

Mat Bastard – Live In Paris – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders Edition

Mat Bastard – live at Trianon, Paris – May 2019 – RTL2 – Mat Bastard, recorded live at Trianon in Paris around May of this year. If the name Mat Bastard doesn’t ring any bells, perhaps Skip The Use will. That was the band Mat Bastard was in which went...

Hurricane Danny

August 15, 1985 – Danny Arrives – Canada Recalls An Ambassador – General Foods Recalls Liederkranz.

Become a Patron! August 15, 1985 – Hurricane Danny made landfall. With 90 mile an hour winds, Danny slammed midway between Lake Charles and Lafayette Louisiana. 30,000 people had been evacuated from offshore drilling rigs and towns as far south as Galveston Texas. The strong winds and heavy rains knocked...