Daily Archive: August 23, 2019

Mohammad Mosaddegh - 1951

August 23, 1951 -The War In Korea – Mosaddegh And The Oil In Iran

While Truce talks were stalling Korea, sabers were rattling in Iran, this August 23rd in 1951. With accusations flying back and forth between North Korea and the UN forces, it wasn’t looking optimistic that the guns would fall silent any time soon. Meanwhile, a contingent of 10 British warships were...

Gdansk Shipyards - August 1980

August 23, 1980 – News From Gdansk: Day 11 – Soggy And Muddy West Virginia – Worlds Largest Ham Sandwich

August 23, 1980 – Gdansk – a name that would figure prominently in the 1980s. Polish workers at shipyards in the port city of Gdansk were on strike for the 11th day, joined by some 150,000 other workers striking for better wages and recognition of the newly formed Labor Union,...