Daily Archive: September 19, 2019

Black Box Revelation - Live at Best Kept Secret - 2016

Black Box Revelation – Live At Best Kept Secret – 2016 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

Black Box Revelation (BBR) – Live At Best Kept Secret – 2016 – VPRO-Netherlands – Patrons get an exclusive when they subscribe (seriously!) – Become a Patron! Belgium’s own Black Box Revelation, or BBR as they are now referring to themselves – live during the 2016 Best Kept Secret Festival...

London - September 19, 1939

September 19, 1939 – War In Europe: Day 17. Attacks, Advances, Denials.

Subscribers get a special deal: Become a Patron! Seventeen days into the start of the War in Europe, news of the day was filled with reports of attacks, advances, retreats, threats, addresses, assertions, denials, and casualties. Since the German-Russian alliance, Poland was being assaulted on two fronts. Hitler had earlier...

1918 Influenza Pandemic

September 19, 1957 – The Asian Flu Comes To America

Subscribers can download for free:Become a Patron! The world on this September 19th in 1957 was awash with 104 degree fevers, paralyzed with aching muscles and joints, throwing up just about everything everyone ate the past year and it was only getting worse. 1957 was The Year Of The Asian...