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Sen. Robert A. Taft - September 23, 1947 0

September 23, 1947 – Robert A. Taft Promotes Taft-Hartley – Past Daily Reference Room

Subscribers – you know the drill: Become a Patron! If Robert A. Taft was responsible for nothing else during his tenure on Capitol Hill, he would forever be known as the co-author of a piece of legislation that amended the Labor Relations Act of 1935 and did much to change...


September 23, 1967 – Vietnam: Saving It By Destroying It – Sniper Fire In Aurora – Fighting Over Mao.

Subscribers can get this download for free: Become a Patron! Waking up to the news this morning in 1967 had much to do with the endless war of attrition in Vietnam. The ongoing battle, mounting casualties and airstrikes near the Marine outpost at Con Thien. The theory being to destroy...