Daily Archive: October 1, 2019

Secretary of State Cordell Hull - 1939

Secretary Of State Cordell Hull – PanAmerican Day – New York World’s Fair – 1939 – Past Daily Reference Room

Patrons can download this rare and historic piece of audio for free: Become a Patron! Secretary of State Cordell Hull, speaking at the New York World’s Fair on the occasion of Pan-American Day, September 22, 1939. It was ironic; the New York World’s Fair, which embodied the optimism and technology...

Eisenhower with Press Sec. Hagarty - 1959

October 1, 1959 – Strikes – The Aftermath Of Gracie – Humiliation For The Dodgers – No Blatz n’ Pabst.

And patrons: Become a Patron! October 1, 1959 was no box of chocolates. Strikes were the big news. First was the ongoing Steel Strike, becoming the longest in history. President Eisenhower ordered everyone back to the bargaining table to keep trying for a resolution. And then, literally overnight, The Longshoremen...