Daily Archive: October 8, 2019

Seth Lakeman - in concert at Summer Sundae 2006

Seth Lakeman In Concert – 2006 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Seth Lakeman – in concert at Summer Sundae, Leicester – 2006 – BBC 6 Music. Patrons get something exclusive: Become a Patron! Seth Lakeman in concert tonight, recorded by The BBC during the Summer Sundae Festival at Leicester in 2006. I was thinking about this concert and looking at the...

Dialing Shortwave

October 7, 1947 – “This Is Radio Moscow Calling And Here Is The News”

Patrons can download this audio for free: Become a Patron! October 7, 1947 – Radio Moscow in one of their daily broadcasts to English speaking listeners all over the world. Although the Propaganda wars would heat up dramatically starting in the 1950s, these broadcasts from the 1940s, just after the...

Missiles to Afghanistan - October 8, 2001

October 8, 2001 – Afghanistan Excursion: Day 2

  Patrons; take advantage of freebies: Become a Patron! October 8, 2001 – Afghanistan was the target as U.S. and British forces launched a series of strikes at suspected Taliban strongholds, some three weeks after the World Trade Center bombings. At the United Nations, Secretary General Kofi Anan issued the...