Daily Archive: October 11, 2019

Communist Demonstrations - 1950s

Cold War: 1950s – Battle For The Control Of Hearts And Minds – 1957 – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! The Cold War – a time of saber rattling, anxiety, fear, posturing, threatening, propaganda, but above all; Marketing. It was a war of ideologies. A war where confrontations were few, tensions were high, but in the end, World War Three never materialized and Earth was spared obliteration...

Stock Market: 1979 - what a 48 point drop was cause for panic.

October 11, 1979 – Castro Comes – Wall Street Goes, And Capitol Hill Haggles Over Abortion Forever.

Become a Patron! October, it would seem, is not historically without its surprises. On this day in 1979 New York City was turned upside down over a United Nations visit from Cuba‘s Fidel Castro, his first since 1959. Air Traffic was disrupted, street traffic was disrupted, and all told the...