Daily Archive: October 16, 2019

Eliahu Inbal - leads The Frankfurt Radio Symphony in Music Of Mozart - 1976 0

Eliahu Inbal Leads The Frankfurt Radio Symphony In Music Of Mozart – 1976 Würzburg Festival – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Frankfurt Radio Symphony – Eliahu Inbal, Conductor – 1976 Würzburg Mozart Festival – Deutsche Welle Transcription service. Become a Patron! A rather short-ish (just under an hour) concert this week, featuring the Frankfurt Radio Symphony, led by its former Music Director Eliahu Inbal at the 1976 Würzburg Mozart Festival, recorded...


October 16, 1964 – An Absence Of Nikita – Shakeup In The Kremlin

Become a Patron! The stunning news, on this October 16, 1964, was the revelation that Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev had been removed from office in what many believed to be a bloodless coup on the parts of hardliners. Afraid that Khruschev was getting a little too soft toward the West,...