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1978 World Series - Bucky Dent - Photo: The Trentonian

October 18, 1978 – Yankees Twice In A Row – Beirut And The Non-Ceasefire Ceasefire That’s Holding – The Namibia Problem

Become a Patron! October 18, 1978 – The World Series came to a dramatic end, and for the 22nd time, The New York Yankees were the World Champions of Baseball. Beating the L.A, Dodgers 7-2, it became the Yankees second straight world championship. As one sportswriter put it “it was...

Richard Dawson - in session for Marc Riley - BBC 6 Music

Richard Dawson In Session – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Richard Dawson – in session for Marc Riley – October 10, 2019 – BBC 6 Music – Become a Patron! Richard Dawson as we head into Friday. Someone said, and I agreed with them wholeheartedly, that the current situation our world is in will see a massive resurgence in music...