Daily Archive: November 4, 2019

Guy Mollett - Meet The Press - 1957

France In The 1950s’ – An Interview With Prime Minister Guy Mollett – 1957 – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! The Post-World War 2 history of Europe is fascinating, not only because of the dramatic change in policies but also the dismantling of the Colonial presence throughout the world. In many cases, the dismantling came with a price – sometimes the independence of a former colony brought...

President Bush - Vote-stumping

November 4, 2002 – Even On An Off-Year, Stumping – The 2002 Midterm Elections

Become a Patron! November 4, 2002 – The final day of campaigning for this off-year election. Leaving nothing to chance, President Bush did a criss-cross tour of the U.S., stumping for GOP candidates in an effort to gain an advantage on Capitol Hill. Starting the day with a rally in...