Daily Archive: November 5, 2019

President Bill Clinton - 1998

A Vote For Impeachment -The Proceedings Against Bill Clinton – 1998 – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! With all the talk of impeachment hearings and the subsequent division our country is undergoing, it’s good to be reminded we’ve been down this road before. Maybe not the same road, or the same road for the same reasons – but certainly the same road where politics...

Scooter Libby

November 5, 2005 – A New SCOTUS Nominee – The Matter Of Scooter Libby – A Farewell To Rosa Parks

Become a Patron! November 5, 2005 – busy day – busy week for news. President Bush’s nomination for the Supreme Court Samuel Alito was getting ready for a round of confirmation hearings. The American Civil Liberties Union formally opposed Alito’s nomination. The ACLU has only taken this step two other...