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Pablo Mainetti - BBC Philharmonic

Pablo Mainetti, Javier Perianes With Josep Pons And The BBC Philharmonic In Concert – 2011 -Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

BBC Philharmonic – Barbican Theatre, London – Josep Pons, cond – Pablo Mainetti, Bandoneon, Javier Perianes, piano – January 14, 2011 – BBC Radio 3 – If you’ve been thinking about it – now’s a great time to chip in: Become a Patron! Apologies for being a day late this...

Pierre Gemayal Assassination

November 21, 2006 – Assassination In Lebanon – Uptick In Single Moms – Google Goes For $509 A Share –

Become a Patron! November 21, 2006 – Another Assassination in Lebanon and another member of the Gemayal family met with bullets. The day before Lebanon’s Independence Day, while Pierre Gemayel was riding by the Jdeideh suburb north of Beirut, a Honda CRV with tinted windows rammed his car from the...