Daily Archive: November 29, 2019

The Cribs - live at The Fleece -Bristol 2007 0

The Cribs – Live In Bristol 2007 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Cribs – Live at The Fleece, Bristol – 2007 – BBC6 Music – Become a Patron! The Cribs to end the regular week (of course, it is a Holiday weekend, so . . .), in concert at The Fleece in Bristol in 2007 and broadcast by BBC 6 Music....

Los Angeles - Wilshire and LaBrea - 1957 1

It’s 1957 – You Live In L.A. – This Is A Two Hour Slice Of Your Town – The Life Of A City. Past Daily Pop Chronicles

Become a Patron! September 14, 1957. This is L.A. This is your town. This is your town in 1957. This is what your town sounded like. A sweep of the radio dial and an aural snapshot of a town on an average Saturday in an average year. No earth-shattering events,...

China Reforms - 1978 0

November 29, 1978 – China Gets Giddy – Russia Reshuffles – Boris And Natalia Katz Head West.

Become a Patron! November 29, 1978 – News was about China on this day. Veteran observers were calling it “the new age of China”, Chinese youth were demonstrating support in droves for party chairman Deng-Xao Ping and premier Hua-guo Feng in Tiananmen Square, chanting Democratic slogans throughout the streets of...