Daily Archive: November 30, 2019

London - June 1979

It’s June 1979 – You’re From L.A. – You Just Graduated High School – You’re In London – You’re A Foreigner – You Don’t Care.

Capital Radio – June, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Become a Patron! So you wound up in London. You scored a free roundtrip ticket and you got your passport. The picture looks nothing like you. The photographer told you not to smile, so you look like a serial...

David Geffen - Joni Mitchell

A Word Or Two With David Geffen – 1973 – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

Patrons can download this for free: Become a Patron! David Geffen, interviewed by B. Mitchell Reed on January 25, 1973. In my seemingly endless task of digitizing history; of the news kind and of the Popular Culture kind, I ran across this interview with the legendary David Geffen, a little...