Daily Archive: January 3, 2020

Dean Rusk - Secretary Of State - 1968

January 4, 1968 – A Dean Rusk News Conference –

A little is worth a whole lot: Become a Patron! Secretary of State Dean Rusk, giving a news conference on January 4, 1968. Giving a detailed break down of the previous years events involving the State Department, Rusk discusses our ever-expanding role in Vietnam as well as developments in Southeast...

Opening of the 74th Congress - Janury 3, 1936

January 3, 1936 – Opening Day Of Congress – Capitol Hill In The Days Of The New Deal.

It makes all the difference in the world: Become a Patron! January 3, 1936 – Opening day of the 74th Congress. The long, sometimes laborious ritual, but significant as it marked one of the first times a broadcast, live from Capitol Hill and from Congress took place. This was one...