Daily Archive: January 5, 2020

L.A. at Night -circa 1950s

It’s 1952 – You’re In L.A. – It’s Midnight – Your Radio Is Time-Traveling. You’re Somewhere In The 1920s. Weekend Pop-Chronicles

Encore Time – Jim Hawthorne, Major J. Andrew White – KNX Midnight-1:00 am – June 3, 1952 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Become a Patron! Before 24 hour news cycles, ’round the clock music and talk, radio was a sort of “uncharted waters” after midnight. If you were one...

Dexter Gordon - Live in Paris - 1977

Dexter Gordon Quartet – Live In Paris 1977 – Past Daily Downbeat

Dexter Gordon – Live in Paris – September 25, 1977 – Espace Cardin, Paris – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Startin’ off the New Year/New Decade on bended-knee: Become a Patron! Dexter Gordon Quartet this weekend, with Al Haig on piano, Pierre Michelot on bass and Kenny Clarke on drums....