Daily Archive: January 27, 2020

The Kingston Trio - in concert 1964

The Kingston Trio – Live At Hollywood Bowl – 1964 (RIP: Bob Shane – 1934-2020) – Past Daily Soundbooth: Tribute Edition

The Kingston Trio – live at the No on 14 Rally – Hollywood Bowl – October 4, 1964 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Hate to bug you, but we have a goal to meet: Become a Patron! With the sad news that founding member of The Kingston Trio, Bob...

Hydrogen Bomb - 1951

January 1951 – Brave New Future – Saving Life And Destroying It.

Your support is needed, I’m serious:Become a Patron! January 1951. Still the month to look back at the accomplishments of the previous year. This radio discussion series called “You And . . .” focused on different aspects of our society in 1951; where we were going, what were we doing...

Northridge Earthquake - 1994

January 27, 1994 – Earthquake Aftershocks – The Harding/Kerrigan Imbroglio – A New Trial In Mississippi.

Become a Patron! January 27, 1994 -The Northridge Earthquake – ten days on, the aftershocks were still rumbling and nerves were frayed. Police were called into quell crowds waiting for public assistance. The $4 Billion in recovery aid was evaporating quickly and many officials were referring to it as “startup...