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Ian & Sylvia - Hollywood Bowl 1965 0

Ian & Sylvia – Live At The Hollywood Bowl – 1965 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Ian & Sylvia – Live At The Hollywood Bowl – Folk Night – 1965 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – A buck is all it takes: Become a Patron! Ian & Sylvia in concert at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. Another one of the acts from the 1965 Folk Night At...

Prime Minister Nehru - 1948 0

January 30, 1948 – Nehru Announces The Death Of Gandhi – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! As the world was slowly absorbing the news that India’s spiritual leader, Mahatma Gandhi was cut down by an assassins bullets, Prime Minister Nehru had the overwhelming task of delivering the news to the Indian people. This was a shortwave broadcast, beamed throughout the world by All-India...


January 30, 1948 – “Bapuji Is No More!” – The Assassination Of Gandhi.

Become a Patron! Further evidence that some events which take place in history are not necessarily considered devastating at the time they occurred. This one, for example – the assassination of India’s spiritual leader Mohandas Gandhi on this day, January 30, 1948, was considered in U.S. media as just another...