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The community builds a house - 1952 0

Neighbors Build A Farm – 1952 – Milk Of Human Kindness Edition – Past Daily Reference Room

A little goes a very long way: Become a Patron! Starting sometime after World War 2 and with the advent of recording tape, the idea of radio documentaries took off in popularity. Prior to this it was a gargantuan effort, dragging disc recording equipment off to a location and getting...


February 7, 1964 – The State Department Holds A Press Conference: The Subject Is Gitmo

On a day where crises were popping up seemingly everywhere, the focus on this February 7th in 1964 was the flare-up of bad relations with Cuba and threats by the Castro regime against our military base at Guantanamo. The flap began over the seizing of four Cuban fishing trawlers off...