Daily Archive: February 10, 2020

Eisenhower's Medical Team

February 12, 1956 – America’s Little Cardiac Problem – A President’s Heart Attack.

Just a reminder: Become a Patron! February 1956. Prior to President Eisenhower’s August 1955 heart attack, America was aware of, but not too concerned about what was going on its ribcage. But after that near-fatality and almost sudden loss of a President, attention now became focused on what America was...

Ted Kennedy - Face The Nation

February 10, 1974 – Ted Kennedy Talks About Running In 1976 – Chappaquiddick – Health Care – Past Daily Reference Room

Just a few more Patrons is all we need: Become a Patron! Senator Ted Kennedy on Face The Nation. With the 1976 Presidential election looming, and with the saga of Watergate and President Nixon still unfolding and nowhere near being complete, eyes were looking toward 1976 and the contemplation of...