Daily Archive: March 2, 2020

John Sebastian - in concert- 1970

John Sebastian – In Concert – 1970 – Past Daily Soundbooth

John Sebastian In Concert at Tanglewood – July 21, 1970 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – A little chip-in goes a long way: Become a Patron! John Sebastian tonight. Until all the footage is assembled and cut together, the landmark concert this past weekend in Glendale featuring The Wild Honey...

Viipuri, Finland - 1940

March 2, 1940 – View From Helsinki – The Soviet-Finnish Winter War

Makes all the difference in the world: Become a Patron! March 2, 1940 – News from Helsinki Finland, as reported by Life Magazine photographer Carl Mydans and relayed to America via Finnish Radio. The Winter War was a war between the Soviet Union (USSR) and Finland. It began with a...