Daily Archive: March 4, 2020

Kurt Ralske of Ultra Vivid Scene 0

Ultra Vivid Scene – Live In Chicago – 1993 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Ultra Vivid Scene – Live In Chicago – Park West – 1993 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Ultra Vivid Scene in concert from Chicago in 1993 tonight. Former Nothing But Happiness and Crash guitarist Ralske started Ultra Vivid Scene in 1987, was signed to 4AD Records in 1988, and...

Rep. Bernie Sanders 0

March 4, 1997 – Shakeups In North Korea – The Hostage Drama In Peru – A Word Or Two With Congressman Bernie Sanders.

Could ya? Become a Patron! March 4, 1997 – Interesting news day with a lot going on. On the eve of preliminary peace talks between North and South Korea, news of shakeups in North Korea, with observers wondering if the sudden deaths of many officials in Pyongyang were the work...