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Art Linkletter -

March 9, 1967 – Art Linkletter’s House Party – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

March 9, 1967 – Art Linkletter’s House Party – CBS Radio version – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – For those who don’t know, Art Linkletter was an institution. He represented a value system that permeated America all through the post-war years, throughout the 1950s and right up until October 1967,...

Finnish Army - March 1940 -

March 9, 1940 – Russo-Finnish War: Peace Overtures – 1940 Presidential Election – The Hatch Act

We have bills – we have repairs – we have fingers crossed: Become a Patron! March 9, 1940 – With peace talks taking place between Finland and the Soviet Union, some hope for a peaceful settlement in the Winter War was proceeding, gingerly at best. On this day, the peace...