Daily Archive: April 20, 2020

Ian Whitcomb - live at Montreux - 1983

Ian Whitcomb – Live At Montreux – 1983 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Tribute Edition. Ian Whitcomb: (1941-2020)

Ian Whitcomb (with Dick Zimmermann) – Live at Montreux – July 23, 1983 – RTS-Switzerland Become a Patron! More sad and devastating news tonight. The passing earlier this evening (April 20) of multi-talent/singer/writer/historian/bon vivant/influencer Ian Whitcomb – another casualty to the insidious Coronavirus and its complications brought on**. It seems...

Bill Clinton - press conference - April 20, 1993

April 20, 1993 – A Waco Postmortem – A Bill Clinton Press Conference – A Day In L.A.

Become a Patron! April 20, 1993 – As the smoke settled over the ruins of the Branch Davidians compound in Waco Texas, questions and finger pointing set the tone at President Clinton’s Press conference the day after. The President spoke to reporters in the Rose Garden on the administration’s role...