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Tangerine Dream - in concert - 1975

Tangerine Dream – In Concert At Royal Albert Hall – 1975 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Tangerine Dream – Live at Royal Albert Hall – 1975 – Introduced by John Peel – BBC Radio 1 – We’re here because you’re here: Become a Patron! Tangerine Dream in concert tonight. One of the pioneering bands of the German prog-Rock/Electonica genre – they were, along with Can and...

Ahead of VE Day - Norway was the latest - but certainly not the last.

May 5, 1945 – VE Only Days Away – Mass Surrenders – Mass Discoveries – Reports From The Front.

History you can use – support we can use: Become a Patron! May 5, 1945 – with the final collapse and capitulation of Germany only days away, and a much anticipated VE Day, reports of mass surrenders and pockets of fighting continued. Reports Supreme Allied Headquarters of a steady demoralization...