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Kate Bush - Live at The Mmanchester Apollo - 1979

Kate Bush – Live – Manchester Apollo – 1979 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Kate Bush – Live at The Manchester Apollo – April 10, 1979 – Live And Loud.com – Flip Martian Collection Kate Bush, live at The Manchester Apollo. Recorded either April 10th or 11, 1979 and preserved for posterity by Flip Martian and his truly amazing Live And Loud website (big...

Okinawa -1957 (Getty Images)

May 29, 1957 – Washington Anticipates Japanese Premier Nobusuke Kishi – And The Word Is Okinawa.

A buck or two would help: Become a Patron! May 29, 1957 – News for this day in 1957 came by way of Commentator Cedric Foster who reported on the upcoming State visit by Japanese Premier Nobusuke Kishi to Washington. The visit was expected to take place in the middle...