Daily Archive: June 8, 2020

OMD - Live in Berlin - 1980

OMD (Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark) – Live In Berlin – 1980 – Past Daily Soundbooth

OMD – Live at Kant Kino, Berlin – December 8, 1980 – Live And Loud.com – OMD to kick off the week. One of the early pioneers of Synth-Pop, OMD were hugely popular from almost the beginning and certainly were idea candidates for extra-added popularity via MTV. Orchestral Manoeuvres in...

Microsoft: Bill Gates on Capitol Hill

June 8, 2000 – The Microsoft Breakup Fracas – The Wild-Wild Internet – Howling Objections Over AT&T Tactics.

June 8, 2000 – Microsoft, rather than go along with the Justice Department’s breakup order, decided to fight the ruling. The Department of Justice issued a ruling, declaring Microsoft’s dominance of the x86-based personal computer operating systems market constituted a monopoly, and that Microsoft had taken actions to crush threats...