Daily Archive: June 16, 2020

Marion - live in Manchester - 1994

Marion – Live At Manchester Roundhouse – 1994 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Marion – Live at the Manchester Roundhouse – October 7, 1994 – Jim Moody Collection – Marion in concert from Manchester to keep things rolling. Recorded at the Manchester Roundhouse on October 7, 1994. Almost, but not quite like last night’s The High concert, Marion came on the scene with...

London - Summer 1945

June 16, 1945 – Europe After V-E Day – Life Returns To London – Eyes On The Pacific.

Become a Patron! June 16, 1945 – The view from Europe – how the ravages of war were slowly fading from cities and towns and how the slow readjustment to peacetime was starting to take place, after over five years of bombings and invasions which left a continent in mostly...

Dan Quayle -The Potato kerfuffle

June16, 1992- A POW/MIA Bombshell From The Kremlin – A Red-Carpet Welcome For Yeltsin – The Potato Gaffe From Quayle

Becoming a Patron is really easy and it helps a lot: Become a Patron! June 16, 1992 – A day of bafflement and raised eyebrows. Starting with the bombshell revelation from Russian President Boris Yeltsin that there was a very strong possibility that American POW’s from the Vietnam War were...