Daily Archive: June 23, 2020

Vichy - 1945

June 23, 1945 – Postwar Europe – A Return To Vichy – Adjusting To Peace.

Become a Patron! June 23, 1945 – As VE continued to wear off and the business of getting back to some semblance of normalcy slowly began, the adjustments to a new life and healing the scars from the old one were proving to be a challenge which would only become...

WPA Workers - 1939

June 23, 1939 – The WPA – Rep. Kent Keller: “There Is No Excuse For Starvation”

We’re here because you are – chip in by clicking on the link right here: Become a Patron! The WPA (Works Progress Administration) – The WPA Conference in Washington D.C. being held on June 26, 1939. Ahead of that conference, Congressman Kent E. Keller gave a radio address on the...