Daily Archive: June 25, 2020

Jim White and Cicada Rhythm - In session for VPRO - 2014

Jim White With Cicada Rhythm – In Session – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Jim White with Cicada Rhythm – in session for VPRO – Hilversum, Holland – December 8, 2017 – VPRO Taking a scenic detour tonight by way of Jim White, along with Cicada Rhythm in a session recorded for the Dutch radio network VPRO in Hilversum, Holland on December 8, 2017....

Allied Troops - moving East - 1944

June 25, 1944 – Taking Cherbourg – Taking Vitebsk – Feeding Rome – A Foothold On Saipan.

Can we get a hundred Patrons this month? Become a Patron! June 25, 1944 – busy day on all battlefronts. Starting with rumors that Cherbourg had fallen to the Allies. German radio reported the loss, while General Eisenhower’s staff were keeping mum until it was a 100% done deal. Up...