Daily Archive: July 13, 2020

Toronto at Night - 1950s

“Toronto Calling” – Jazz Unlimited – CBC Dominion Network – 1953 – Past Daily Archeology

CBC-Toronto – Dominion Network – Jazz Unlimited – November 10, 1953 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Growing up in Detroit, I remember spending hours listening to the radio stations that beamed across the border from Canada and all the different music we had access to. Like most radio at...

Santiago, Chile - Protests

July 13, 1983 – The IRA And Debate On The Death Penalty – Chanting In The Streets Of Santiago – A Computer That (Sort Of) Talks And Understands.

July 13, 1983 – Busy day as news goes. Starting with word on a bombing in Northern Ireland, taking the lives of four British Soldiers when the vehicle they were riding in struck a landmine. The attack comes while Parliament was debating the Death Penalty and whether it should be...