Daily Archive: July 21, 2020

Alben Barkley - 1940 Democratic Convetntion 0

July 17, 1940 – Alben Barkley Delivers A Message From FDR – 1940 Democratic Convention – Past Daily Reference Room

July 17, 1940 – Your typical sweltering July in Chicago, site of the 1940 Democratic Convention. Up until this day, a pretty cut-and-dried affair. By the convention Farley and Vice President John Nance Garner were declared candidates, and Paul McNutt was a possibility. Roosevelt still did not want to declare...

Dr. Peter Bourne and Jimmy Carter - White House

July 21, 1978 – The White House Has A Little Dope Problem – No Strike, For Now – The Bouncing Economy.

July 21, 1978 – Good news and odd news for this day. The good news was a tentative agreement had been struck between Union reps for the Postal Service and management, thus avoiding a strike, at least for now. More good news – the economy was looking up, at least...