Daily Archive: September 5, 2020

(Peter) Frampton's Camel - 1972 (Getty Images)

Frampton’s Camel – Paris Theatre, London – 1972 – Past Daily Backstage Pass

Frampton’s Camel – live at The Paris Theatre, London – Recorded for BBC Radio 1’s In Concert Series – August 23, 1972 – BBC Radio 1 – Peter Frampton this weekend. Just prior to his sensational breakout album, in concert at The BBC’s Paris Theatre in London and recorded for...

Listening to Moonlight Savings Time

It’s September 5, 1947 – You Live In New York – It’s 2 AM – It’s You And Your Radio And Moonlight Savings Time – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

WOR-AM/FM – Moonlight Savings Time With Willie Bryant – September 5, 1947 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – So. Was there top-40 radio in 1947? No. Was there Rock n’ roll? No. Were there Disc Jockey’s? Yes. . .kind of. Listening to radio (if you still are and not streaming)...