Daily Archive: October 10, 2020

Genesis - earlly 1970s 1

Genesis – Live In Concert – 1972 – Past Daily Backstage Pass.

A classic concert this weekend. Genesis, during what many consider to be the halcyon days of the band, when the inimitable Peter Gabriel was lead singer. Recorded on November 3, 1972 at, presumably the BBC’s Paris Theater in London. Following rehearsals in a dance school in Shepherd’s Bush, Genesis recorded...

L.A. Teenagers - 1979 0

You’re Seventeen. You Live In Los Angeles. You Just Passed Your Drivers Test. You Got Your First Car And The Line To Get Gas Is A Mile Long

KTNQ – Jack Armstrong – May 4, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – May 1979 – You’re seventeen, and the lines to get gas are rumored to be 2 miles long in some places. Some people are waiting for two hours, only to be told there’s no gas. People...


October 10, 1968 – Humphrey-Muskie: Campaign ’68

  As the 1968 Presidential campaign sprinted to the finish line, all the heavy-hitters came out, all the endorsements were used and all the promises went into high gear. The Hubert Humphrey presidential campaign of 1968 began when Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota decided to...