Daily Archive: October 22, 2020


Lene Lovich, Wreckless Eric, Rachel Sweet In Concert -1979 – Past Daily Soundbooth.

A 70’s triple bill this week, via BBC Radio 1‘s In Concert series from January 13, 1979. Lene Lovich, Wreckless Eric and Rachel Sweet share the bill in one of the more decade-defining concerts of the late 70’s, with a heavy dose of Retro, Punk and Theatrical – just like...

Cuban Missile Crisis 0

October 22, 1962 – October Mayhem. The Cuban Missile Crisis.

News for this day in 1962 was decidedly ominous, and if you had grown up on a diet of Cold War paranoia, it was the worst case scenario come to life. Ever since the revolution in Cuba in 1959, and the overthrow of the Battista government for the one set...