Daily Archive: October 25, 2020

(Sir) Malcolm Arnold

BBC Concert Orchestra – Vilem Tausky – Malcolm Arnold – 1957 – Weekend Gramophone

BBC Concert Orchestra – Vilem Tausky and Malcolm Arnold, conductors – Michael Krein, Saxophone – 1957 From a weekly series of concerts featuring the BBC Concert Orchestra, a program of works by Malcolm Arnold, Ronald Binge and Sidney Torch with Vilem Tausky and Malcolm Arnold (conducting his own works) and...

The 80s Looking At The 60s

It’s 1982 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You Decided You Don’t Like The 80s Anymore – The 60s Speak To You.

KLOS-FM – Bob Coburn – July 1982 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Two years into it and the 80s suck – you hate everything about it – the music, the hair, the clothes. Everybody is listening to New Wave – New Wave is boring. You want the 60s. Your...