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Top Of The Pops 1965 – Unit 4+2 – The Animals – Cliff Bennett – Dave Berry – Susan Maughan – Past Daily Soundbooth

Prior to the emergence of The Beatles, British Pop Music didn’t get nearly the attention it got after The Beatles arrived. Programs like Top Of The Pops, which began just as the British Invasion was getting started, fulfilled the nearly insatiable curiosity kids in the States had for what other...

World War 2 was nowhere over, but there was already talk of a humanitarian crisis. 0

November 12, 1943 – Anticipating A United Nations – Anticipating Repairing A Broken World. An Interview With Herbert Lehman

Perhaps, the world having already been down this road before, it was all too painfully clear that, once the war was over, there would be a herculean humanitarian crisis to face. Having seen the amount of destruction and up-ending of peoples lives World War 1 caused, all concerns were that...

Gen. Abboud of Sudan 0

November 17, 1958 – A Big Freeze And A Bloodless Coup

November 17, 1958 – WJR-AM Detroit, News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – November 17, 1958 – Cold War tensions topped the news on this day. Russian planes were accused of attacking U.S. planes twice in a single day, which prompted a flurry of complaints lodged against Moscow by the...