Daily Archive: November 24, 2020

George Clinton

Parliament-Funkadelic – Live In Washington D.C. – 1978 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Parliament-Funkadelic – Live at Capitol Theatre, Washington D.C. – Feb. 18, 1978 A blast of Funk, provided by the inimitable, highly legendary and slightly outrageous Parliament-Funkadelic, led by the High-Priest of Blown Minds; George Clinton. The collective’s origins date back to the doo-wop group the Parliaments, formed by Clinton in...

Paris at night - 1939

November 24, 1939 – Two Months Into War – Slow To Face Threat – Paris Carries On.

A little less than two months into the shooting war in Europe, the news was filled reports of preparations and precautions going on throughout Europe. News from the front, with German reconnaissance planes penetrating French lines and being thrown back. Skirmishes in the air. From Paris came word of pending...